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Fundemabu students are grateful for your support.


In 1957, Sister Vianney, a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary who was at the time Principal of Marymount Barranquilla, conceived the idea of creating an institution that would provide education to girls and young women who, for economic reasons, did not have the opportunity to attend school. In Marymount’s classrooms, the upper high school students started to teach those who had no chance to go to school. With support from parents, a futher push toward ensuring their education was made.

In 1961 the religious Congregation, in partnership with students, alumni, teachers, parents, and community members, created and made official the Mother Butler Educational Foundation. Later, under the direction of Sister Jean Baptiste RSHM, the land was donated by the City to build the permanent facility of Fundemabu. But it was Sister Annunciata Uribe-Holguin RSHM who, years later, gave identity to the institution.

In 1969, Sister Johanna Cunniffe RSHM was sent to Barranquilla as Marymount’s Principal. Thanks to her enormous capacity to innovate and her great spirit of service, she managed to increase the number of students and strengthen the academic and commercial programs that were provided up to 9th grade. In 2000, Transition (preschool for 5 years olds) and the last two years of high school were added giving Fundemabu students the right to graduate with the Colombian High School Diploma and enter universities, making it become what it is today: the Mother Butler Educational Foundation. In the 2016 results of the national exam taken by all Colombian seniors, Fundemabu ranked 311 among over 11.000 schools, demonstrating the quality of formation offered. All of the graduates enter universities, many earning scholarships.


The Mother Butler Educational Foundation (FUNDEMABU) is a non-profit, private, Catholic institution, governed by the strategies and legal regulations of the Secretary of Education. Approximately 340 girls and young women from low.income families in Barranquilla and its surroundings, receive education here.

This institution, founded in 1961 in Barranquilla, Colombia by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, owes its success in great part to the outstanding teachers who are well prepared in their field, serving students of different ages from preschool through high school and their appreciative parents, supported Fundemabu since its inception by Marymount Barranquilla.

A high quality, comprehensive formation program facilitates the integral development of Fundemabu students, developing competent leaders who become change agents committed to social responsibility, raising their values, contributing to the improvement of their environment, and providing the necessary tools so that, after graduation, they have the potential to continue their education, find better employment, and positively impact their community..


The mission of the mother Butler Educational Foundation is to provide EDUCATION to girls and young women from low-income families, contributing to their academic, spiritual, and emotional training, instilling in them values and principles that allow them to become positive leaders who responsibly face challenges, thus helping to transform the living conditions of their families and contribute to the development of a more just and peaceful society.


The Mother Butler Educational Foundation strives for the development of the whole person, forming a students who loves God, her world and her neighbor, while seeking to magnify her full potential in the spiritual, psychological, intellectual, aesthetic, psychomotor, and physical aspects. Many Fundemabu graduates will become the center of their families and of their communities, so the formation that they recieve is of a vital importance.
This student will be formed within the framework of an education that will make her grow as an individual person, in solidarity with other human beings and with the world, able to participate and contribute actively in society.


Since its founding in 1961, the institution has graduated more than 50 promotions whose integral formation is based on an understanding of the contemporary pattern for life, which includes active participation in the various nuclei of society.

The Foundation has the possibility and responsibility to provide education relevant for a changing world that allows each student to learn independently.

Thanks to our donors, we can improve the quality of life of many families.


Fundemabu has a team of 20 teachers who possess different talents and professional degrees with extensive experience who give their best and are committed to the mission of transforming the lives of these girls and young women so that they can have a better future.

Teachers not only love their work, but they get to know each of their students, respond to their individual needs, encourage their initiatives, and celebrate their achievements.


On March 1st, a contract was signed between the Fundación Educatiova Madre Butler and the Mayor of Barranquilla for the provision of the Educational Service to Vulnerable Populations. With a maximum of 320 students, the District will grant us 30% of the total value of the education cost of Fundemabu. Undoubtedly, it is a great contribution, but we continue in search of the remaining 70% to educate these girls and young women who every year dreams of having a better future.